Beautiful Haley

Apr 10, 2013 · In Senior Pictures · By Allison Carenza

Every time I photograph a senior in high school I'm reminded of my awkward senior pics.  Since I've been photographing so many senior lately I really need to get a copy of some of those pics and post them on the blog.  Not only because it would give my friends a good laugh, but also to illustrate the stark contrast.  In both photography and maturity.  Granted, I was a particularly gangly late bloomer, but still the photography was so blah!  That's why I work extra hard at my job to make these young ladies look and feel fabulous!  Although, sometimes it's a very easy job.

Meet Haley, a beautiful girl, a middle distance track star, a big MU fan, mostly because her boyfriend plays football there, and a senior in high school ready to go to college and learn and grow so she can someday change the world.

We spent an evening last week tooling around the city.  She made me laugh, she inspired me, and she gave me her very best!  I loved my time with Haley and her mom LaTasha.

Oh Haley, my senior pictures were so far from beautiful like this, like you.


Fierce!  She was such a natural.  And I love the polish!  My favorite color right now!


Gorgeous and timeless.


Haley has such strength and innocence.  I can see she is going to do such great things in life!