Eleanor turns one

Apr 18, 2013 · In Baby Photography · By Allison Carenza

This little one has gotten pretty good at pictures, she's been in and out of the studio her whole life.  Ok, so she's only one, but she's still pretty photogenic!

And she had all that hair when she was a newborn, and she has always loved to smile.  I love little Eleanor.  Her main purpose for being on the planet is to spread joy.  And she does it well!



Eli loved to clap and laugh and make all the adults laugh too!

What a priceless daddy/daughter picture.


Eli didn't want to sit on the couch, she wanted to jump on the couch, so we let her.  I love this moment where she's so sweet and innocent and serious, and of course the picture of her with her momma Merrick is pretty perfect too!

ma3 Aaron, Merrick, and Eleanor you brought me so much joy!  Thanks for being a little bit of pure perfection!