Madison's Senior pics

Apr 12, 2013 · In Senior Pictures · By Allison Carenza

Meet Madison, and ambitious high school senior who spends her time volunteering to help kids that need a little extra help.  Her heart is purt gold and, and we connected immediately, I think it was her warm spirit, her big smile and her love for life.  I actually saw a lot of myself in Madison, minus the fact that she's way more cool, and mature, and stylish than I was at 18.  I loved my time with Madison, getting to know her, watching her work the camera, and show her style.  She's so awesome she nailed this first shot the first frame!  Work it girl!


Madison has a passion for photography, maybe you'll see her shooting with me someday, but for now she needs to be in front of the camera.  GAW!  Beautiful!

Just after these shots Madison's momma Holly got a little teary eyed.  I just love when that happens,  I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be watching your little baby grow up, but I can imagine it would be the hardest and most wonderful thing in the world.


I'm seriously considering sending this one below to Ray-Ban for an advertisement.  What do you think?  PS you can see me being a dork if you look close.


Oh Madison your smile can light up a dark alley!


It was a warm and windy day, but the dress worked it!  LOVE!


Ok so just as I was leaving the west bottoms I saw this train roll in.  Madison was changing but I stopped and had her quickly pull her boots on and run out and get the shot.  I think it fits her style so perfectly.  I think this image tells a story and  I LOVE IT!



I LOVE photographing high school seniors. Most parents like these images because they capture an ending, but I think it's capturing a beginning.