Sweet Caroline

Apr 5, 2013 · In Baby Photography · By Allison Carenza

Sweeeeeet Caroline   bump bump bump.  Good times never seem so good.

I love that song, and I love this sweet Caroline.  She is always a blast to photograph, and today was no different.

Right now she's sitting up tall and strong, she loves her feet and really loves to suck her big toe, she's also very happy, and so laid back.


She also doesn't stay on one side long, she's constantly rolling this way and that way.


This big smile on the left is so Caroline.  All.The.Time.


Oh Caroline, all that crazy hair, and your crazy cute face.  It's too much!


I need to give Caroline's momma Courtney some love.   Because I adore her and because  she just started a little headband business, inspired by her adorable daughter.  You see a lot of her headbands in my pictures and I love them sooooo much!  I'm so happy for her for taking on this new adventure!  You can get your own Cutiebands on facebook here or Etsy here etsy.com/shop/CutieBrands


Ben, Courtney and Caroline, thank you for letting me be your photographer!