Newborn baby boy

Jan 9, 2017 · In Newborn Photography · By Allison Carenza


Taking pictures of newborn babies is such a great honor for me.  There aren't many moments in life when you are so full of mixed emotions, exhausted, but unable to sleep, happy, but scared, and in love, the kind of in love that is impossible to understand until you experience it yourself.  I loved becoming a mom, twice.  If raising a newborn weren't so much work, I would probably have a dozen.

Sibling pics can be quite the challenge especially when they are only 2 years and 2 months apart.  This little moment will be cherished by this family forever.

I think the perfection of newborns is in the little imperfections.  Little Maddox loved to scrunch up his forehead, so much so that I know he probably did a lot of scrunching up his forehead in his first months of life before making his official appearance.  And just look at those lips.

Being a newborn photographer is the best part of my job.  It is also my most important job.