Little Miracle...

Feb 7, 2013 · In Baby Photography · By Allison Carenza


From the pictures Simon looks like your typical 3 month old, but maybe a little cuter. 🙂  The truth is he's much more than a typical 3 month old, he's a miracle.  His parents Dustin and Allison got married and had big dreams of starting a family, it was what they had always wanted.  So they started trying right away, but after a year with no luck, they reached out for help. The results were not good,  the doctors told them they had a 2% chance of conceiving.  They knew the odds were not in their favor but they couldn't give up yet, so they tried everything, but after 4 years, and a failed in vitro attempt they decided to give up on their hopes and dreams of having their own baby.  That next month Allison was more than surprised to find she was pregnant, with no fertility drugs, nothing, just a baby in her belly.   Miracles are real, and dreams really do come true!

I have been blessed knowing Allison and Dustin through their whole journey.  Allison is so strong, and instead of getting down during the 4 years of trying, she decided to devote her energy into helping others with her same problem.  She started the Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation. For 3 years she's been helping others cope with infertility, while dealing with her own problems.  I know it's cliche, but angels really are among us, and Allison is undoubtedly one of them.

 You can't begin to imagine the amount of love Allison has for Simon.  I remember when she came by my house to pick up the gift certificate I was donating for her 2nd annual infertility awareness conference.  She came in all smiles, but that wasn't new, it was when she bursted out the news that she was pregnant, that I noticed she was glowing.  She still has that glow and has ever since, even in those first weeks of sleepless nights.



Simon you are one lucky boy!  Your parents love you so much!  I feel like such a lucky photographer to get to capture these priceless moments!