And this is a four generation picture!

Meet Great Grandma Cora, Grandma Karen, Mama Cindy, and Baby Kenley!  I know that first you noticed the beautiful women in the picture, then you probably noticed that they all have the same warm smile.

I noticed those things too and then I wondered.  I wondered what a picture of my Memo, Marnie, Mom and I would have looked like.  And then I wish.  Wish I had that very picture.  This picture is timeless just like the women in it.  We all want to go out being remembered and I think this picture does just that, helps you remember, linking the past to the future.

Let me tell you about my wonderful experience with these ladies.  Cindy came to me months ago for maternity pictures, then newborn, and then she told me she wanted a 4 generation picture.  I was in awe, and excited, and nervous all at the same time.  This was the first time I’d done anything like this and I totally understood the importance  and value of what I was about to document.  History.

From the moment they stepped into my studio we were bubbling over with laughter, tears, and amazing conversation.  And of course there was lots of googooing and gagaing on Kenley’s part.  I’m sure she was entirely overwhelmed by the whole experience.

Now for the tears.  I’m not the mushy emotional type.  I get the uncomfortable lump in my throat in movies on occasion, but rarely do I cry.  I think of life as a series of experiences that are just tha,t experiences.  But this moment, the one you’re seeing below, brought me to tears.  Let me explain.

You see I didn’t realize that Karen had just finished her chemo treatments a few months before our shoot.  While talking about her battle with cancer and eventual victory she told me that her motivation was baby Kenley.  She wanted to see Kenley become a woman.  So I asked her if she would be willing to throw the wig off for a bit.  She was more than willing.  I guess those things are itchy.  While watching Karen interact with Kenley the room got quiet.  All the joyful, bubbly laughter was gone in the wake of raw emotion.  This will be one of those moments I get to store away for a rainy day.

I wish I were a better writer so I could do Karen’s story justice, but really the story isn’t about one woman overcoming cancer it’s about a group of women that love and support eachother with unconditionally.  In the center of it all, baby Kenley!