This is Eva and yes she is this perfect!  Eva lives in Arkansas and she’s been coming to me for pics since she was itty bitty!  Now she’s a big girl, with a big smile, and a big personality.  I always love my time with Eva she always makes me smile.

The picture below is just Eva hiding a smile.  I love it!

And here’s Eva hiding eggs under her dress.  This only lasted a few seconds so I’m really excited we were able to capture it.  Asking a 2 year old to do something again is not a good idea.

“Mommy what are you doing?”

Big blue eyes, natural soft curls, she’s already a hear breaker.

This is Eva’s bunny.  I love taking pictures of kids with their beloved stuffed animal.  Those stuffed animals will wear and fade, but the memory will always be stong, because we’ve now captured it forever.

Lastly, I’ve got to share some pics of Eva dancing around the studio in pure 2 year old style!

My hope is that Eva was able to put a smile on your face too.  The good news…Eva is going to have a sibling soon!  More to come!