I think you know what I mean when I say senior girls are easier to photograph than senior boys.  There’s more pose options, more clothes options, and the girls just get into it more.  Having said that I had so much fun on this shoot with Dillon.  He is an outgoing, fun-loving, gorgeous guy, with the world in his fingertips.  Meet Dillon.

I photographed Dillon’s brother Jake a few years back.  His brother is equally good looking so you know the boys got some good genes.  But, it’s really not his good looks that make him attractive.  Dillon loves to smile and have fun.  He had me cracking up during our whole shoot together.   Some people just know how to make others feel comfortable and Dillon is one of “those people”.    He’s also a natural in front of the camera just look.

His girlfriend popped in for a few quick shots.  She’s pretty adorable.

I love this last shot for two reasons.  First, I technically pulled off  what I was going for which doesn’t always happen for me when it comes to speedlights.  I wanted the wrap around rim light you see giving him a glow, and I wanted his shadow at the bottom, but I didn’t want him undexposed.  That’s where the flash comes in.  I had Jon stand camera left with a speedlight and umbrella to shoot through.  Yay!  Second I think this shot is symbolic of Dillon as he moves on down the road.  Anything is possible for Dillon but I have no doubt he is going to be amazing!