Sometimes kids come into the studio timid, fearful, and downright scared.  Ok I take that back, most of the time kids, that are new, come in that way.

I mean really I’d be scared too.  Imagine from their point of view, a big dark room, a big scary box things that shoots light, sitting in the middle of a room while  a crazy lady aims a big black thing at you.   All the while your parents are in the background acting crazy and telling you to smile.  I’d be intimidated too.   Baby girl Brooksley was no different.  She was attached to her mom Beth like a leech.  So we just played.  And after a few minutes here are the shots we started getting. 

Brooksley has beautiful red hair and big brown eyes as you can see.  The camera loves her!  And after a short time, she was starting to love the camera.  Just look.

She even stuck her tongue out.  I think we told her to make a funny face.  Job well done Brooksley! 

The picture below is something powerful to me.  I look at it as a baby no longer a baby.  Ready to get rid of the Bumbo and stand on her own.  Makes me take a deep breath and give thanks that I captured this awesome moment.

Brooksley you are beautiful!  Thanks for making your pictures so easy to take!