This is Tyler and he’s a graduated senior from Blue Hills High School.  I got to spend some time with Tyler taking his senior pics and he is a an outstanding person.

He’s very driven and determined.  One of those kids that you know is going to do great things because of the fierce passion in their eyes.  Tyler definitely is passionate in fact I think it’s fair to say he has one love, and that’s hockey!

He’s played forever and traveled the country on teams.  He is currently trying to get on a professional team.  I love when people go for their passion.  Go Tyler Go!

Hockey always seems like a scary sport to me.  I expect all hockey players to be a little rough around the edges.  Ya know missing a few teeth and stuff.  Not Tyler he’s got style and class.  Check it out!

And big hands!  I guess you gotta have big hands to hold the hockey stick.  Wait is that what it’s called?  Tyler also told me he likes the fights.  I told him I do too, but only because they have lots of stuff on.  So it’s kinda like fighting in the sumo suits.  And they always break ’em up pretty fast.

Tyler good luck in all you do!  I say go for it!  Keep me posted on your progress, and next time we do picks don’t forget your hockey stick.  🙂