Walls- check

Art work- check

Lighting- check

Marketing materials- check

People- ????  I hope 🙂

The Little Blue Art Fest is only 3 days away and I’m beside myself with excitement.  I remember years ago walking down the many rows of the Plaza Art Fair and thinking to myself I wanna do this.  Never in a million years did I think I was actually gonna do this.  Obviously this isn’t the Plaza Art Fair, but it’s a start. I was actually thinking just yesterday that following your dreams is a lot like walking the plank.  I’m consumed with fear, but if I don’t look down I won’t fall down.  That pretty much describes the events leading up to this.  I just kept looking up, moving forward, and hoping for the best.  Last night Jon and I sat on the couch and admired our booth.  Both just staring, a little bit in awe.  I spend a lot of time dreaming of making my dreams come true, but now that one has, it’s pretty euphoric.

Now that the work is done I can relax and have fun.  The festival is this Saturday on the corner of 7hwy and 40hwy (White Oak Plaza) from 10-6.  There will be kids activities, music, food, and of course art.  If you’re a client of mine I also have a little surprise for you when you stop by and say hi.  Who knows your picture might be on display.

Well, back to work.  I hope to see you Saturday!