Today is the last day of July which is so very hard to believe.  This summer is going by way too fast.  I love summer, I mean I really love summer, and I don’t want it to end.  So today I’m thinking it’s time to take a sec and think about the little moments.  The ones that really matter.  To show you what I mean I picked the Hendrickson family.

This is Abby and her newborn baby brother Bob.  I like to look at this picture because it makes me wonder what she’s thinking.  I tried to guess, but it just didn’t feel right.  So I’ll leave those thoughts to you.

This picture is all about the moments daddys share with their little girls.  There is such a special bond.  I was happy to capture this moment because truly Abby is her daddy’s little girl.

Danielle is such a beautiful mom, she was a natural.  It can be frightening for new moms to bring their week old baby in for pics.  It’s just downright stressful, but Danielle was born to be a mom, so it was easy.  Just as easy as it is for her to love her baby Bob.

I know it’s my job to capture the faces of the people my clients want to remember.  I embrace the responsibility and cherish the opportunitiy to work with amazing people.  What I love about my job it capturing the moments.