It was her laugh that I noticed first.  During our shoot Tish just had a way of making me smile when she laughed.  Not because it was big, or obnoxious, or silly, but it was real, and I could tell.  That’s what I noticed first, then I noticed how Jermaine always noticed.  He smiled too.

Maybe the glowing came from the  fact that this pregnancy was a true blessing for them, or, maybe they just glow when they’re together.  They tried for a long time before realizing they needed help.  This story is unfortunately all too common in my studio, but I love all the success stories I get to witness.  In those precious moments when clients expose their hearts and hardships to me I am humbled.  But to Jermaine it’s just a miracle to get pregnant at all.

Then came baby!

A BIG BABY!!!!!  So big in fact Tish had to have a c-section.   Beautiful, perfect  Malachi was born into the arms of two very excited and very loving parents.  Just a few days later I got to meet him.  For an hour and a half we admired the ahh of a newborn baby.  It never really gets old.

See what I mean?  BIG!!!!!!

Malachi was special because he would do these little smiles the whole time.  And he’s strong!  He was holding his head up like crazy.  It was great.  I have a feeling he’ll be walking way sooner than he should.

Cankles are so cute, for real!

Baby lint is too!

I loved my time with this wonderful family.  I hope I get to be a part of it FOREVER!!!!!