When Lauren contacted me for maternity pictures she told me she had been talking to another photographer that hadn’t gotten back in touch with her.  What a great loss for that photographer and a great gain for me because I love the Lobner family!

With Lauren’s heart of gold that shows in everything she says and does and JR’s boyish good looks their maternity shoot was a huge success.  We laughed, and then laughed some more.  Lauren was up for anything, and totally worked it in front of the camera.  JR did what all good hubbies do during a maternity shoot, he sat back and admired his glowing wife.  And made her laugh.

Then just a few shorts weeks later and a few 3 weeks early baby Jackson arrived.  They decided to wait to find out if they were having a boy or girl.  So hard, but so cool!  I like to imagine the scene in the delivery room when the doctor gets to yell it’s a boy!  They the boys go outside and smoke cigars wrapped in baby blue paper that says “It’s a Boy”.  Ok this might only happen in the movies, but it’s dreamy non the less.

JR must help a lot because he was great with this little tiny 2 week old.  I wonder if Jackson’s hands will someday be bigger than JR’s.

Love this hat!  Lauren when Jackson outgrows this I’ll buy it from you!!!!!  LOVE LOVE!

Capturing moments is what I do, and I love it.  Especially these precious first ones!

Love you guys, I can’t wait to be there to capture all of Jackson’s personality in the future.