The plan was to do maternity pics first, but that plan was busted when baby Michael Vernon arrived early.  Donna was disappointed, but I’m sure a little relieved to have the pregnancy over.  By the time I see women, they are over being pregnant.  Let me back up, Donna started her family later in life.  Her first daughter Alexis was a perfect accident. But a few years later  when she wanted to try to have another child she couldn’t.  By that time she was entering her 40’s, and doctors were discouraging.  She didn’t listen and it’s a good thing because now she’s got a beautiful boy!  Meet Michael!

Michael is the perfect newborn to photograph.  He didn’t need to eat all the time, he didn’t cry much, and all he really wanted to do was sleep!

His mom is a teacher in the Kansas City School District, which makes her an angel in my eyes.  Teaching in poverty is the hardest job in the world!   Bless the good people willing to do it everyday.

Big Sis Alexis!


Daddy Mike owns his own window tinting business.  I love the contrast of hands.



What a perfect day I got to spend taking pictures with this family!  I loved every second of it, and look forward to many more.