Meet Jax!  I love the name, and the baby, and the family!!!!  And I really loved taking his newborn pictures!!!

Jax was wide awake most of the shoot.  But just when we were about to wrap things up, he dozed off.  His mom Brandy and I sat on the floor and pulled all the stops trying to get him to close those little eyeballs.  He fought it to the bitter end.

I cherish those quiet moments with my clients when the camera isn’t in front of my face.  I really get to know them.  I learned a lot about the Martin family during our shoot.  Like Jon and I, Jeff and Brandy are career driven.  They didn’t start their family until later when their world was established.  And Brandy started to get the bug.  Jeff owns Smallcakes You can find them on facebook.  These little cakes are like a bit of heaven.  I would totally recommend trying one!

Then there’s Lily, just 2, but going on 12.  Seriously.  Brave, outgoing, talkative, and friendly.  While taking pics of Jax she would reandomly pop in front of me and say Hi…

So cute!


Jax may of had trouble going to sleep, but he had no trouble being the perfect little model.

Absolutely perfect!

Taking pictures of newborns is probably one of the most challenging shoots I do, but also the most rewarding.

Jeff, Brandy, Lily, and Jax you are such a fun family!  I really enjoyed hangin with you!  I can’t wait to do it again!