Their love is solid, strong, and capable of dealing with anything.  And on this day, their day, it was all about them.  While Allison is quiet, a little shy, and drop dead gorgeous.  Matt is the talker, a real funny guy, and happy to make others laugh.  Together, they are a team.

As I positioned Matt for the first look his shaky hands made a few last unnecessary adjustments to his tie.  One of my most favorite things about shooting a wedding is watching the bride and groom see each other for the first time.  The first look is priceless, as are the moments just before.

Allison was able to see Matt before he could see her, and she was even more nervous than him.  Excited nervous.

Then it was all giddy time!  Matt always has Allison smiling.


Sometimes I make couples do silly things like stand in broken elevators.  Haha

The wedding and reception were at Black on Burlington in North Kansas City.  The room with the bar was amazing with this tall contraption going up several floors.  I love old building made into something cool!  This building is called the Cable building.  I think it has something to do with oats, but I’m not sure, my listening skills weren’t working that well with photography on the brain.


Allison you are perfection, and that dress was made for you!



After the ceremony we tooled around downtown North Kansas City where I had scoped out some sweet light.  Of course I was jammin’ my music, so it was pretty much a party of pictures.

The pic on the right is so GQ!

Oh wholly mother of light!  I love the way it’s wrapping around behind them and filling up the front.  I’m pretty sure finding light is my mission in life!

They were doing this kinda cute stuff all day!



We didn’t get in trouble as the sign might indicate, but just around the corner we could hear a domestic argument going down.  You just never know what you’re going to get when you’re out taking pics.  I was quick to tell Allison and Matt that they would never fight like that.


Allison is an awesome baker, and she loves cupcakes.  So of course she had to have a cupcake wedding cake thanks to Babycakes.

It started raining that evening.  I gave mother nature another shout out, but not before going on the roof for this one last shot.  With KC in the background I think it’s the perfect ending to this perfect day!

Three words to sum up this day…gorgeous, fun, and adorable love!

Allison and Matt I love that I got to be your photog.   I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon in Mexico.   Now get to work on makin’ some babies for me to photograph!  Just kidding take your time, but really I’m already looking forward to it!