Staci Huff, formerly known as Staci Humphrey, always known as a most perfect friend, sister, daughter, and now wife!  Staci found me via 3 maybe 4 different referrals.  We met at the Cashew downtown and immediately hit it off.  Her sweet disposition was obvious, and hard not to love.  We ate, I talked  about weddings, but mostly listened to her gush about her love, Shea, and their wedding plans.

The first sign that this wedding was fateful was the date.  They got married on June 25th, my own wedding anniversary.  They also went on their honeymoon in St. Lucia, just like Jon and I, and I had the wedding color on my toes!  FATE!

Did I mention she is loved?  These are the women in her life.  While she was getting her dress on, her sisters, friends, and mom quietly approached her one at a time with the finishing touches.  Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Staci cried and so did everyone else.  I did my best to keep my viewfinder dry so I could see through it.  These women have power.  Girl power.

I wish I had long enough hair to wear these.  All the time.  Like the feather trend, only way better.

Staci smiled…non stop!

Shea was super shy about having his pictures taken.  He said it runs in his family, but once he got going he was quite the stud!  This pic was just before their first look.

Checking out the ring.

Staci is really close to her mom and dad.  I think he cried more than her, and it was perfect.

Shea absolutely adores Staci and was happy to hold on tight.  Staci was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis this year and had to fight for her life.  She was determined to get well before the wedding, and she did.  Even though she didn’t feel and look as good as she knew she could I couldn’t tell.  She was all joy.  After years of loving each other they knew this was their day.

The ring, and this pic sums up their relationship.  It’s all about having fun!

During the reception we slipped out  onto the course for some golden hour shots.  They totally did their thing.

The wedding was at Blue Hills Country Club.

Shea was always making faces at Staci to get her laughing.  Too cute.

There was a lot to celebrate.  And the party went on ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

It’s comfortable, familiar, and fierce.  Shea, and Staci enjoy your many many years together.  I have no doubt you will make each other better and more complete.