Meet baby Allison!  You might recognize the family, I’ve been photographing them for 4 years.  So you can imagine my excitement when Kim told me they named their new baby girl Allison.  With 2 l’s and everything!  I’m sure having that name will bring baby Allison plenty of good luck.  I mean it’s her pediatrician’s name too!

I’ve gotten great joy out of watching Allison’s older siblings grow up, with such different personalities, except when it comes to pictures.  They both use to be oh so timid in front of the camera, scared even.  Those times are gone, mostly in part because Kim likes to do lots of pictures and I’ve become a permanent fixture in their family.  🙂

Only time will tell how little Allison’s personality will develop, but already I can tell she’s laid back!  In fact I’m not sure she even noticed we were fiddling.  She had one priority.  Sleeping!

This was just after Allison puked all over the place.  It took some convincing to get big brother to even come near her.

I love getting to watch my clients grow up before my camera, I love that I become a part of the family, like a second aunt.  I love my job!  I can’t wait to do pictures again soon!