It’s Friday and dreary here in KC, so to help brighten your day I thought I’d share some pics from an AC photography favorite.   This guy has been popping up on the blog all year, Alex is now 9 months old and growing fast!

It’s so fun to see these babies every 3 months.  They’re always so different physically, and emotionally.  Right now Alex is a momma’s boy and oh so attached.  I spent the first 15 minutes of the shoot just hanging out with mom and Alex getting him to get comfortable with me again.  It was such a great investment of my time because he gave me 30 minutes of awesomeness!

By the end of the shoot, he was cuddled in my lap  on the floor while mom was shopping through Mudpies and Lollipops, and sister was bouncing around the studio in new squeaky shoes!  I live for these moments.

The future Godfather below.

Oh Alex, you bring me so much joy!