Some families are just cute!  There’s just no other way to describe it, and that’s just how I feel about the Guffey’s!  Meet Bobby, Gage, Trisha, and Gracelyn.  This shoot was a special one.  Not only is little Gracelyn 6 months old, but Gage is getting ready to undergo a massive skull surgery, that will require him to shave his head and spend weeks in painful recovery.  What a brave little boy, and strong set of parents.

Our shoot was full of laughter, just as it should be.  I hope you love the pics as much as I loved taking them.

Gracelyn your chub is just right!  I love you to pieces!

We’ll call this one baby vogue.

Gage is an awesome big brother and it’s obvious they adore each other!  Gracelyn is lucky to have such a strong, protective brother.

The picture on the right might be one of my fave.  Trisha you radiate love!  I’m lucky to know you.

I am happy to announce Gage is out of surgery and back to school.  The poor little guy had to fight for a few weeks, but he’s back at it ready to take on life!  I’m so proud of you Gage.  You are a role model to all of us!