Jamie and Tim are getting married this coming weekend and I’m so excited!  Let me tell you why.  Jamie and I have become such good friends this year with the wedding planning and the venting about our oh so busy lives!   So, I knew and loved Jamie way before I met Tim.  When we were planning for their engagement session this spring I was eager to meet the man in Jamie’s life.  I knew he had to be great.  And he was.

Jamie is all spunk and lively happy energy, while Tim is quiet and patient, and down for any and all of Jamie’s cute antics.  Sound familliar.  It should to all of you out there that know Jon and I.  They are a great match!

When I take pictures of couples it’s hard not to notice and feel the depth of the relationship.  I think with this serious of photos we captured their love.  I hope you agree.

On this particular day we were lucky enough to have the greyest, most washed out, blah sky ever!  BOOOO, but we managed to make it happen and the good news.  No ugly shadows.

Besides who needs a pretty sky when you’ve got these hotties to brighten it up!

Jamie has the most brilliant eyes!

Yup it started raining.  Adorable.  I wonder what they’re doing under there?

Bling Bling!

This is their little girl Ivy.  She’s hilarious and was very obidient but a little worried about her mamma and papa the whole time.  She was always nearby, quietly watching and waiting.

Winston on the other hand was never nearby.  In typical Jack Russell style he was always out doing whatever he wanted.  We literally lost him several times, but he made it home muddy paws and all.   Totally opposite personalities here!  Ivy and Winston really are their babies, but I have no doubt that in the near future real babies will take away from the attention theses four legged friends get.

Really Jamie and Tim are all about having fun!  By this time it was really raining and time to go, but of course Jamie jumped on his back.  Adorable, and fun!

I can’t wait to shoot this weeding this weekend.  This love story is to be continued…