This is Buddy and Tara, and they are as in love as them seem to be in these pics.

I’ve know these two cool cats since college.  They went to William Woods University too.  They were both jocks in school, Tara played softball, and Buddy was a volleyball player.  He was also in the same fraternity as Jon, and they were good buddies.  The cool thing about Buddy and Tara is that they haven’t changed.  They are both the same fun-loving, outgoing people they were in school.  I will admit seeing Tara with a belly was a bit freaky.  It’s always weird when your friends get pregnant for the first time.  It’s hard to imagine them as a momma, but Tara will be perfect.

When I shared the pics with Tara she was absolutely glowing with pride and excitement.  We talked about what it will be like in those first few moments when she becomes a mom and looks down at her little creation.  She told me that she saw a new newborn recently and just wanted to hold it so bad.  I took that as a sign of someone as ready as they’ll ever be.

I’m happy to report that baby Adalynn Kay Smith has arrived and is doing so well!  Tara and Buddy are parents now, and they are doing a fabulous job!