I’ve known Alice since college, in fact I was one of the first people she met on campus as her Freshman orientation assistant.  Unlike many freshman Alice was confident, outgoing, and oh so happy, she wasn’t afraid to show it and share it.

If I had to pick one word for Alice it would be passionate.  She had passion for the people in her life, her religion, and her theatre practice.  It should come as no surprise that she was a rock star on stage.  Years later I’m happy to report Alice is still sharing that passion and zest for life.  In fact, she is even more in love with life now that she has  two beautiful babies!  I had the honor of capturing some tender moments with her kids on a cold December day.

Her hubby Josh owns a pedal company.  Something musically oriented so way out of my league, but you can check it out here. He’s kinda a big deal in the music world.

Little Emma is practicing her mothering skills.  At just three she already so good with her baby brother Eliott.  While we were getting ready to bring him over for the shot she was all “come here little guy, it’s ok”.  Too cute for words!

Alice it was  a joy working with your kids!  They are perfection!