Surprised!!!!!  That’s how Ben and Haley felt when they found out they were pregnant.  They tried everything for 2 years with the exception of  invitro which they were going to wait and attempt in the fall.  That’s when they got pregnant!

These stories are pretty common in my studio, and I love them as much as the babies, parents, and pictures!

Little Perfection!  That’s what I should call Sam, because he is and he was for our whole shoot.

I told Haley she had magic milk.  And maybe magic genes!  What a doll!


He loved my bella bun, and let me do pretty much anything I want with him.  It was amazing!!!!

Ben is a business owner, so we had tons to talk about. He owns Pinnacle Lawn Care. INC.

I’m excited to have him help me pimp my lawn!  I wish I had a green thumb like my mom and grandpa, but I don’t.

Newborns are so adorable!!!

I absolutely loved my time taking pictures of Haley, Ben and Sam!  It was wonderful!  I just love my job and the people I get to meet!  Sooooo lucky!