She’s got the kind of smile that lights up a room.  It’s quiet, kind, and warm.  That’s the best way I can define it.  It’s more of a feeling, but you can probably feel it just by looking at these pics.  Her hubby Tony knows it too.  He’s got a good thing and holding on tight.



This isn’t Erika first baby.  Nope.  It’s her 4th.  But it is her first little girl, so it’s special.  It’s also been 5 years since she had a baby, but I couldn’t tell.   It’s obvious she takes amazing care of her body.  Rock on sista!



Then baby Daphne arrived, and I got to take her newborn pictures.

During our shoot Daphne was amazing.  Passed out really.  She didn’t mind if I posed her this way and that.  She just kept right on sleeping.  I give her 3 rowdy brothers and totally chilled out momma credit for that.

It’s hard for me to express the quiet moments I enjoy observing as a newborn photographer.  It’s the little stuff that shows a special bond.  The unique noises the parents make to sooth the babies, the way they know where to put their hand to make the baby feel comforted, and the way they look into their eyes.  I get to witness true love, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  In my time with Daphne I got to observe her cousin cooing spanish softly in her ear.  Even though I had no idea what she was saying the words floated around the room with the rhythm of a song.  I soaked it up, and stored it with my other feel good moments.  In their family, it’s expected that the kids learn and speak spanish.  What a gift!  I would love to be able to speak another language.  I’ll add that to the to do list!

The eyelashes are crazy beautiful!

Erika thank you so much for allowing me to be your photographer!  I feel so blessed and loved!